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Our volunteer workers are the heart of our swim team and are vital to running a meet. ONE parent is required to work part of each meet in which his/her child swims. We will try to accommodate everyone's needs as much as possible. When you register, you will be asked to choose areas that you can help out in. Volunteers are needed for the following areas:

  • Meet Manager Operator (1 per half): Meet Manager is the software used to prepare the heat sheets before the meet, record the results during the meets, and print out ribbon labels.
  • Scorer (1 per half): calls out numbers and verifies scores, works with the Meet Manager Operator
  • Concessions (3-4 per half) - sell food during meets. Concessions are the primary method of raising money, which is used for coaches' salaries and the maintenance and purchase of equipment, such as lane ropes and stopwatches.
  • Head Timer (1 per half): organizes and briefs lane timers before the meet, makes sure stop watches are working, resolves any timing problems
  • Timer (6 per half): records time for each swimmer
  • Runner (1 per half): collects time slips from timers after each race and brings them to score table.
  • Heat Ribbons (1 per half): watches to see who is the winner of each heat and gives him/her a ribbon.
  • Shepherd (several needed): gathers younger swimmers for races/relays and makes sure they are properly behind the blocks.
  • Order of Finish (1 per half): watches each race and watches which swimmers come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc and records it
  • Setup (several needed): starts at 4:00 pm
    • place all deck lights and run extension cords from the power source to lights
    • hook up PA System (speakers & microphone) and start/stop horn
    • set up tents and tables for the scoring station, starter table and concessions; hang lights in each and run extension cords
    • place starting blocks
    • tie rope around front edge of pool where home spectators sit
    • remove deck chairs
    • place deck chairs around baby pool
  • Cleanup (several needed): end of meet, opposite of Setup

These positions require taking a class:

  • Stroke and Turn Officials (2 per half): S&T officials observe each race, including the start, swim, turn and finish, focusing on whether the swimmer stayed within the rules for that stroke. Officials are located at each end of the pool. In other words, S&T officials have the best seat in the house!
  • Starter (1 per half): The Starter's job is to give the swimmers a fair start. Get the kids in the water and set a good pace to keep the meet moving. A good steady pace helps the swimmer stay relaxed but focused.
  • Referee (1 per half): The referee’s job is to solve meet problems and has full authority at the meets. The referee determines whether a meet should be cancelled because of weather, conducts an officials' meeting to discuss things such as dual confirmation on relays, 3 strike rule, rule changes, S&T assignments, and who writes DQs.

Download Adobe Reader Click here for the Stroke & Turn Officials' Handout.

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